10 Ways To Prevent Cyber Attacks

Multi-factor authentication helps protect sensitive data by adding an extra layer of security. A hacker may gain access to a business account through a password, but with MFA they would still need a second or even third factor of authentication to get into the account. This could be anything from a mobile phone, email address, fingerprint or voice. This provides particularly strong protection against brute force attacks. This page will dive into some common cybersecurity threats, and how you can protect your sensitive data from them – through the combination of best practices and cybersecurity technology. The frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks has skyrocketed in recent years.

Cyber crime can have a significant negative impact on your life network security architecture or business if proper precautions are not taken to prevent it.

Endpoint Protection Platforms can remotely update and manage individual devices, detect online threats and login attempts, and encrypt data to prevent unauthorized access. Implementing this alongside thorough and ongoing employee education on cyber security really is your best bet to ensuring that the threat of a cyber attack never becomes your reality. Restricting IT admin and access rights to a small handful of users is invaluable in minimizing the risk of data breaches as employees cannot give away information they don’t have access to. As your business grows, user accounts on your network can quickly become out of control. To prevent any vulnerabilities within your network, it’s important that your company is able to manage all old, or stale, user accounts, as well as any accounts for employees that are no longer at your organization. These accounts could act as an entryway for hackers if left unprotected.

This has driven standards boards like the National Institute of Standards and Technology to release frameworks to help organizations understand their security risks, improve cybersecurity measures, and prevent cyber attacks. Business can prevent malware attacks by having strong technological defences in place. Endpoint Protection solutions protect devices from malware downloads and give admins a central control panel to manage devices and ensure all users’ security is up to date. Web Security is also important, stopping users from visiting malicious webpages and downloading malicious software. As attackers increasingly automate attacks, it’s easy for them to target hundreds, if not thousands of small businesses at once. Small businesses often have less stringent technological defences, less awareness of threats and less time and resource to put into cybersecurity.

Find out how ecommerce has evolved over the years and where it’s headed in the future. When it comes to storing data, the bottom line is to never hold on to more than you need to optimally conduct your business. But in deciding what exactly that means for you, there are a lot of factors to consider. Never use the same password for other login credentials as you use for your ecommerce site. Passwords should never be shared — each user should have his or her own unique, private username and password for login.

Once you have an SSL certificate for your ecommerce site, you can move from HTTP to HTTPS, which serves as a trust signal to customers that your site is secure. Once you have the necessary security systems in place, it is equally important to test it from time to time to find out its efficiency and strength. You should perform vulnerability and penetration testing on your security systems regularly – monthly or a quarterly basis – to identify and fix its weaknesses. What is Typosquatting Learn about the dangers of typosquatting and what your business can do to protect itself from this malicious threat.

The company must set up secure systems for conducting transactions to protect its customers from identity theft and financial loss. Business detection of cyber-attacks has increased by 500% since 2018, costing over £6000 per hour and more than £75 billion per year. The speed at which you can prevent cyber security attacks and restore your data has become crucial to your business longevity.

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