11 Reasons Why Cats Are Great Pets

Since I live in an apartment building, it is better to have a cat, as they are easy to care for. Cats like to be where their favorite people are, but they are often less needy than their dog counterparts. Cats are usually content to sit quietly near their favorite human while working or reading a book. There is nothing better than a cat purring on your lap after a long day.

Unlike our friend Fido, Whiskers does not require several walks a day. Older cats can also be left alone for a day or two if they have access to their food, water, and litter box. Of course, be sure to talk to your vet ahead of time. In a study of self-proclaimed dog lovers versus cat lovers conducted at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, cat owners scored higher on intelligence than dog owners.

Cats are small, delicate animals that live well mainly indoors. Although many cats like to roam freely outdoors, other predatory animals and traffic, for example, can threaten their safety. Always check your cat’s whereabouts and keep an identification tag on her collar. By having your pet microchipped, shelters and veterinarians can easily identify you as the owner in case your cat gets lost. Most domestic cats are indoor cats, which means you’ll need a litter box.

Some studies have shown that some cat owners preferred to sleep with their cats rather than with their partners because they slept better. Therefore, having a cat sleeping in your bed can provide a sense of comfort, which improves the quality of sleep. Cats can reduce stress levels, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke.

And if you have extra time, cuddling with your cat will feel better than ever. Like humans, cats can vary in their personality and character traits. Find one that seems to suit you and your lifestyle well. If you think you’ve found the right cat, try to visit the animal more Best Cat Food For Bengals than once if possible. One of the great benefits of having a cat is that you don’t need a lot of space to play and have fun together. Unlike large animals that need a lot of space to fetch or run, all you need with a cat is your living room and a little imagination.

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