False and Coerced Confessions

Most law enforcement officers act in good faith, most of them work in law enforcement because they want to help people and because they want to make our streets and communities better, safer for our families. Police interrogations are an important and necessary tool that law enforcement agencies use to obtain important information from suspects. Often, the information obtained during […]

Time Square New York

You will never find a better place than Times Square to experience the excitement and thrill of New York City. Surrounded by neon lights, large billboards, Broadway theaters, excellent electronic tickers and TV studios, all this makes it the city center. You can walk to the newly opened TKTS Discount kiosk, topped with a large red staircase. Climb to the […]

Why Replacing Missing Teeth Is Important To Your Health

There are many people who do not have one or more permanent teeth and they do not think about replacing them. There are a number of reasons why a person may lose a permanent tooth, including injuries, poor oral hygiene habits, genetics, medications and even oral diseases. The first thing a patient should do is to talk to a specialist […]

5 Good Oral Hygiene Practices You Should Do More Often

Dr. Waldman of New York Special Surgery Hospital regularly receives spinal fusion patients who experience constant pain after multiple surgeries. However, few patients who have undergone spinal surgery seem to have an idea of such unfavorable statistics, and even in the surgeon’s profession there is a curious gap between rhetoric and reality. Last December, the journal Spine published the results […]

Should I Have Back Surgery to Relieve Sciatica Pain?

About 80% of the population will someday suffer from back pain. At least 50% of them will undergo unnecessary, risky and expensive back surgery, which is best to relieve symptoms for a certain period of time, after which further surgery will be required. Twice I had surgery for pain in ishias. In any case, I was desperate, depressed and confused […]

How Good Is Your Doctor?

Health is a unique profession. It is seen not only as a commodity, but perhaps as the right of every person in society. Compared to other professions in the service sector, there are unique differences in the training and practice of doctors. Consumers know that the quality of most consumer goods or services follows a bell-shaped curve in which some […]

The Easy Way To New York – Bus Charter

New York is considered a hub for international finance, entertainment, culture and politics. Every year this world-famous city attracts millions of tourists and business travelers. To help visitors travel seamlessly, the New York City bus charter offers convenient and economical transportation services. In New York City, rental buses and charter buses are public transportation. With such heavy traffic and traffic […]

Inexpensive Accommodations In New York

New York can be stressful for tourists on a tight budget. Even a cheap tour of the city can be a little expensive, so this category of tourists can enjoy cheap housing in New York. Rest assured, the Big Apple also has a big heart. It has everything for any class of tourists. Below are some low-cost accommodation options in […]

Have The Day Or Night Of Your Life In A NY Limousine

New York is a bustling city. There are a lot of cars on the roads. People who relax in this beautiful city usually believe that moving around the city can be very uncomfortable. However, they forget to choose the limousine services in New York – a luxurious and affordable way to travel around the city. Several limousine service packages are […]