5 Reasons Why You Should Use Coconut Shells

Clean your coconut bowl with warm water and soap and do not put it in the dishwasher. To restore the shine of your coconut bowl, you can polish it with coconut oil or another form of vegetable oil, such as flaxseed oil. This should extend the life of your coconut bowl, remember that they come from a raw coconut and their imperfections give each bowl a special quality. Coconut shells are safe for the environment, so once the coconut bowl is finally worn out, you can throw it away again in the wild by placing it in the garden. Our natural coconut shells and spoons come from the province of Bến Tre in the south of Vietnam.

The coconut shells of the other straw are handmade from recovered real coconuts. Billions of coconuts are harvested each year and most of their shells are incinerated as waste or sent to landfills, posing a major threat to the environment. In addition, I also love to give away these natural “handmade” organic coconut shells to friends and family.

Recovering these shells helps reduce coconut waste and reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators. As a result, our coconut shells help reduce the emission of toxic greenhouse gases that cause climate change. We’ve put together this short guide you can follow, to get lots of meals and epic uses out of your coconut shells and wooden spoons.

You can be sure that the coconut bowl will be a memorable gift idea for any occasion. Thanks to the incredible talents of artisans in Vietnam, discarded shells are turned into beautifully handmade coconut shells. These bowls went through a completely natural wicker baskets wholesale process of cutting and sanding. Then they are polished with natural coconut oil, resulting in their shiny appearance. QualityCoconut Shells handmade in beautiful and unique coconut bowls. Add a little style to your interior with all-natural coconut shells!

Try a bowl of smoothies for breakfast, a healthy salad for lunch, a plate of vegetable paste for dinner, and fresh fruit for dessert. If you’re visiting from friends or family, you can serve beautiful meals in your coconut shells with reusable plant cutlery and be sure to start a conversation. Coconutsy are manufacturers of beautiful coconut shells, candles and cups handmade from recycled coconut shells. Because our bowls are recycled from natural sources, they are also plastic-free, toxin-free, vegan, food-safe and organic. At Rainforest Bowls, we strive to create a greener environment through our eco-friendly and sustainable products, but we don’t stop there.

The only thing you would want to eat in it are indistinguishable whole foods. Plants, mixed vegetable portions, natural products, smoothies. Once you get used to eating healthy foods in these bowls, it’s hard to stop. That said, having coconut shells in your kitchen can also change the way you eat. Due to the lifestyle changes that coconut shells can bring about, they can also inspire you to eat sustainably.

Coconut shells from another straw are 100% naturally made from coconut shells, handmade, biodegradable, sustainable, sustainable and, best of all, reusable. Coconut shells have a unique and minimalist look and are simple enough in their design to be used anywhere in the house. Use your coconut bowl in the kitchen to serve meals and snacks.

You can reuse the bowls to use as an outdoor function or to store items you use in the garden or shed. If you’re traveling from home, you can always pack your coconut shells and reusable cutlery and bamboo straws to minimize the use of plastic during your trip. Coconut bowls are ideal for road trips, takeaway and picnics on the beach. If you’re thinking about using the discarded bowls as compost, consider that coconut shells take months to decompose. You can throw them in a compost heap and they will eventually break down, albeit longer than other compostable items.

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