9 Reasons Why Your Company Needs An Access Control System

Access control systems, in the form of keyless card and access access systems, are an easy way to manage building security. Once your access control system is configured, you no longer have to worry about who needs which key to get into which building, laboratories or offices. An access control system provides sufficient access for every employee in his institution to easily enter the right buildings and offices without worrying about a security breach.

Your business property may see relatively high sales, or perhaps your company is in a wave of recruitment with several new employees every week. In any case, a cloud-based access control system offers you more flexibility. You can manage permissions and update the system remotely, all from a handy platform. Large companies are creating more opportunities not to detect unwanted visitors.

Access control is a low level of information systems or information technology that determines who has access to company data and related resources. In today’s global technology landscape, information systems, their platforms and associated user data are sought after and protected than ever. The good news is that most security breaches can be prevented with appropriate security controls, highly respected user policies and ongoing cyber hygiene. Taking the time and spending the resources to achieve this goal is paramount.

And then discover that they cannot log into the network, send something to print or even move freely around the building. The installation of physical access control systems is available to avoid unauthorized persons, vehicles and other threats. Compared to traditional access control systems, the best cloud-based access control systems are more convenient and reliable.

Access control means ensuring that workers and visitors have access to the necessary areas with minimal barriers at the right times. We understand that you need to regulate movement throughout your facility: you have to let in the right people and keep the wrong people when it matters most. Pop-A-Lock Atlanta’s electronics division provides systems that provide an audit trail and documentation of who was in which parts of your facility and when.

Many types of I / O can be combined into one PLC, analog, digital, thermocouple and more. Although PC operating systems have the same types of I / O available, the I / O is often spread over a deterministic network. Aatel works with three market leaders, each of whom has developed innovative access control systems. Keyscan, HID and RBH Access Technologies design state-of-the-art security systems that are versatile, scalable and flexible yet highly functional.

Improves safety: there are installation processes that use machines that are considered to be a high risk of safety for human health and life. Therefore, it is safer to use robots to work on these process lines to keep people away from damage. In addition, control systems can be equipped with a functional safety standard based on the IEC standard, namely the Safety Integrity Level . There are four SIL categories depending Motion Control Integrator on the type of process and the default security requirement the company must have. To improve machine performance and identify when a machine is used outside its design parameters, data logging can be implemented with control systems. When different events occur, such as operating the machine without sufficient oil pressure or at too high a temperature, they can all be recorded in the memory of the screen or controller.

If a door opens more than usual or if there are twice as many people in a room as it should, a warning will inform you. It’s great to be notified that something is going on, but being able to see exactly when and save that time for future reference is invaluable to a company. With locked systems, security personnel will sometimes have to open doors or stay late to close them. Access control systems make it easier to give everyone a planned map, giving employees more flexibility in their schedules without the need for additional staff to access. Pop-A-Lock Atlanta uses internet-ready panels to connect individual, multiple, external installations or access points for access control solutions. Because the solutions are web-based, no software updates and IT maintenance are required.