Best Gouache Paints

Best Gouache Paints

If you’re looking for a good quality gouache paint set that has a wide variety of colours, then this is the article for you. We’ll cover Arteza, Royal Talens, Schmincke, SUI, and more. Each paint tube is designed with ease of use in mind, releasing only what you need and not too much. Unlike traditional paint tubes, these do not leak or dribble.


Professional illustrators have long cherished the non-toxic, vibrant colours of Arteza Gouache Paints. Unlike traditional watercolour, this non-toxic paint does not show through the white of the paper. The difference is in the non-toxic formulation. Artists who use traditional watercolour often have a fear of the harmful toxins found in the traditional watercolour. The vibrant colours of Arteza Gouache Paints make this medium ideal for any artistic project.

The Arteza gouache paints come in sets of up to sixty tubes. The sets contain a variety of colors ranging from a light yellow to a dark blue. For beginners, this is a great option, though it can be limited if you use the same colors over again. Because they’re sold in sets, you’re unable to replace individual colors unless you purchase a whole new set.

Royal Talens

You may have heard about Royal Talens Gouache Paints and wondered whether they are suitable for beginners or advanced artists. Fortunately, there is no need to worry. These paints are made of the highest quality pigments, making them ideal for the needs of beginners and experienced artists alike. In addition to being highly pigmented, these gouache paints dry quickly and have a velvety matte finish. Plus, they are free of animal products.

Talens Gouache Paints are opaque water-based paints that dry quickly. They can be diluted with water to create a softer, matt finish and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including acetate, canvas, and paper. They also make a wonderful choice for lettering and fine detail work as they are highly resistant to light. However, the main drawback is their high price tag – they’re not cheap!


Schmincke has been manufacturing fine artists’ colors since 1881 and has a variety of mediums available worldwide. Among their product range are watercolors, gouache paints, acrylics, oil colors, pastels, and airbrush colors. These paints are suitable for a variety of media, from drawing to painting. For beginners and professionals alike, they are the perfect choice for many projects. Read on to learn more about these high-quality gouache paints.

These gouache paints are suitable for beginners as well as professionals. The Schmincke brand features a full line of 79 colours, ranging from transparent to opaque, and even water-based. Because they do not contain white, these paints are perfect for blending, especially for airbrush works. Although you may not be able to find all Schmincke colors at your Art Supply Retailer, you can always get a sample from the Schmincke website to ensure you get the right paint color. Get more details on the Best Gouache Paints here.


SUI Gouache Paints are artist-made pigments, perfect for achieving the ideal fairy-tale atmosphere and concealment. Developed over many years of experimentation, SUI took the advantages of world-famous gouache and reduced its drawbacks. These paints are rich and opaque, with a wonderful matte finish. They are available in 12 shades and come with a step-by-step color mixing recipe.

They are available in both tubes and pans. The latter requires water for activation. While the former is more convenient and easy to carry around, tubes may be more difficult to travel with. Nonetheless, tube gouache is easier to work with and gives you better control of opacity. This makes them the perfect choice for students and beginners alike. Here are some pros and cons of SUI Gouache Paints:

Winsor & Newton

When you’re just starting out in gouache painting, you may be tempted to buy the starter set, Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache Intro Set. The set contains 10 x 14ml tubes and has been produced since 1935, making it an ideal choice for a beginner. Among designers and commercial artists, this set is always a favorite and is the perfect choice for making bold and colorful artworks.

The paints are highly opaque, which means you don’t need to use several coats of a color. This makes them perfect for creating a solid, opaque layer over a dark background. They also blend well, so you don’t have to worry about wasting paint while painting. You can also get the exact color you want by mixing two or more tubes to get the desired effect. It may take you several attempts before you achieve the desired results, but it is worth the extra time and money.