CPAP Mask – Choices and More Choices

A CPAP mask is designed to fit snugly to the contours of the face. There is no distinctive feature to separate masks for men and women; these masks fit all but these should be tested for fit and comfort before purchase.

Test Your CPAP Mask

Being diagnosed with sleep apnea should not be the end of the world for you. Technology has producedoooo sleep apnea machines that are comfortable, portable, and offered at competitive prices. Upon diagnosis, the doctor determines what causes the sleep apnea and recommends the appropriate face mask if you are the type who breathes through the mouth or prefers to sleep on one side the entire night. Choosing your CPAP gear should not be difficult because you can find the right mask in Canada.

Choosing your CPAP mask is just as important is choosing the CPAP air generator because these will be used regularly for long periods until your sleep apnea is treated. You want a comfortable and quite sleep, and it is no joke getting used to sleeping with a mask on and hearing the murmur of the machine throughout the night. But how do you choose your mask and machine? You would want to check it out by trying the CPAP masking on.

Not all home health care providers will eagerly let you test a CPAP mask. To test it, it must be removed from its packaging so instead of allowing a fit-test of a fresh-from-the package mask, you will be checking out masks selected for the purpose. If the fit is right, you rent a fresh mask along with its components. If you are looking for a CPAP mask in Canada, ask for this option before you take home your CPAP mask and components.

When testing the CPAP masks, note the feel of the material on your face. Is it heavy for you? Do you feel like suffocating? Does it feel cumbersome? Test the different types of masks – full-faced mask, nasal pillow, and nasal mask and select one that is the most comfortable. These masks come from top manufacturers in and outside the US. With the choices available, it is easy to choose one that suits your budget and your sleeping comfort.

The CPAP mask in Canada home health provider shops, whatever the type, reflects innovative technology for the treatment of sleep apnea. You are also presented with various options. There are masks designed for people who sleep with their mouths open or who need a mix of oral and nasal CPAP therapy.

In a majority of cases, sleep apnea patients prefer soft masks for comfort. These masks have the latest gel technology; even when sleeping on one side of the face, the mask does not irritate their skin. The Citrus 2. Covidien, Fisher and Paykel, Forma, Kego, ResMed, and Respironics CPAP machines are available from providers of the CPAP mask in Canada and they are willing to explain the product’s features and versatility before you finalize your selection.