Essential Tips For Moving A Piano Safely

Our engines are specially trained to fill and stretch all pianos or organs and are safely placed on a piano board or a four-wheel mobile platform for transport. Our engines remove legs, pedals, music stands or anything else on the outside of the piano and ensure that everyone gets enough protection when loaded on our trucks. First you need to get the right equipment, such as blankets and a piano cart, to help you withdraw.

Note that vertical pianos at the back are heavier than at the front, so place them on the platform accordingly. If you use the rental method, remember that renting a truck affects the total cost of the move. During the moving process it is important to remember that, for example, an expert piano shipping company can have hidden moving costs.

It is also best, if possible, to spread your legs and move them separately. You also need to wrap some heavy blankets around the piano body and some moving straps to secure them. The lid must be closed and closed and filled with a blanket for extra protection.

All pianos are shipped with consolidated charge using the White Glove service. You get indoor pick-up and drop-off and instead of loading and unloading it with a forklift, your piano is transported by hand by professional piano motors. Grand: It is highly recommended to hire professional motorcycles as wings can weigh over a thousand pounds and are generally much appreciated. While saving the extra cost is tempting, moving a piano is a challenging and complex task, with a difficulty depending on the weight and type of piano. Whether you are considering doing it yourself or hiring help, research and evaluate your options before making a decision. Since the average piano weighs between 400 and 800 pounds, with wings up to 1,200 pounds, it’s easy to understand why you would need professional help.

They are absolutely easier to operate and transport, but professional engines are often a smart investment when moving them. Again, vertical pianos are heavy and the risk of damage is high for those who do it themselves, resulting in unnecessary repair costs. If you really want to move your upright position, here are some tips from our professional piano motors to help reduce accidents. It is always recommended to work with a professional piano service when moving a piano. Local relocation, a quick online search will help you find experienced piano motors in your area.

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