Gun Safety Tips

The first weapon safety rule ensures that the rifle and weapon are treated with due respect. This means that when you pick up a weapon, you always check whether the weapon is loaded and whether there is a round in the chamber. Firearms storage is one of the most controversial issues related to firearms security. The reason for this is that many gun owners want to make sure that their firearms are available to defend themselves, while some people recommend extremely strict storage practices. If you follow our additional rules, you should always know whether your weapon is loaded or not.

Although there are very few hunting accidents, there is no excuse for it. Hunters can avoid accidental hunting injuries by taking responsibility, following safety rules, and taking the necessary steps to hunt safely. All shooters should wear safety glasses and some kind of hearing protection during shooting. Exposure to trigger noises can damage hearing, and adequate vision protection is essential.

Discover the basic safety rules of the NRA as well as information on the safe storage of a weapon and good cleaning practices. Keep weapons so that they are not accessible to unauthorized persons. Please note that certain types of weapons and shooting activities require additional security measures.

Trigger locks prevent the trigger from being manipulated, but do not guarantee that the weapon cannot be fully unloaded . Some trigger locks are integrated in the design of the weapon without the need for external parts in addition to the key. Generally, two parts are connected and locked from both sides behind the trigger, which can be unlocked with a key or a combination.

Find out how to safely open and close the action and how to remove ammunition from the weapon. No matter how much you know about weapons, always take Armory Den the time to learn how to properly operate new or unknown firearms. Never assume that a weapon works the same way because it looks like another.