Healthy Candles

The candles are 100 percent soy wax, natural fragrance, and have an organic cotton wick. The family-owned company started as a way to create a candle that doesn’t cause breathing problems or headaches. These pleasant, handmade soy wax candles are scented with essential oil blends given names like “Cozy Nights.” And, there’s plenty of scents to choose from.

A beeswax candle has a lovely honey aroma of its own when burned. So, scented candle makers will often mix in another type of candle wax such as coconut which holds scent well. Many scented candles are made from paraffin wax, a by-product of petroleum. The wax is treated and used to make a variety of things including candles. There are many reasons why soy wax is the best for candles. Soy produces 90 percent less soot than paraffin, its scent isn’t overpowering, it burns longer and doesn’t ruin your walls.

South Carolina State University’s 2009 study on candle wax showed that paraffin candle wax produced toxic chemicals and pollutants, so many people advise using only vegetable-based wax candles. The Environmental Protection Agency’s report in 2001 advised avoiding lead wicks and in 2003, lead wicks were banned in the U.S. Additionally, soot creates an issue when burning candles, especially “super scented” fruity scented candles ones, according to the EPA. The healthiest candles have a low negative impact on your home’s environment and are 100 percent soy-, vegetable-, or beeswax-based. Their wicks should be made with cotton and a cellulose core and their fragrance should be 100 percent essential oils. Candles that are made from paraffin with chemical fragrances release toxins into your home and reduce the air quality.

When burned it emits a naturally sweet smell without any added scents. This beautiful honeycomb beeswax candle by Perin Mowen is hand rolled in Soho in New York City. These candles are beautiful in clusters or on their own. Thanks to the tin that this candle is made in, it’s the perfect travel companion if you’re going somewhere where you suspect you’ll want to freshen up the air.

The No. 1 scent is a blend of scents that include bergamot, lavender, sandalwood and vanilla. The company website provides a list of ingredients that are never included in the candles, so you’re ensured of a safe burning candle. When shopping for healthy candle alternatives you want to make sure the wax is paraffin free, the scents are all natural, and the wick is made of either cotton or paper. Look for candles made of beeswax, soy, and other all natural vegetable waxes. Another healthy alternative to scented candles is burning incense or diffusing essential oils. Slow Made renewable, vegan coconut wax candles are crafted for mindful, sustainable, slow living.

Candles that are scented with essential oils, made with 100% natural wax, and have unbleached cotton wicks are some things that can identify non-toxic candles. If you believe in the benefits of honey and beeswax, you’ve got to check out Lomar Farms. The brand sells both scented candles and beeswax candles, ensuring you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for—while helping save the bees! The Blood Orange candle is made with beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter, and produces a blend of orange and honey aromas. Though you wouldn’t bat an eyelash at them now, “clean” candles are a relatively new trend.

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