Hose Reels 101

Unless you plan to buy a new garden hose, the one you have will determine the capacity of the reel you should get. Most garden hose reels are suitable for standard garden hoses that measure 100 feet or more, and some of the larger rollers can handle hoses up to 300 feet long. There are stationary reels mounted on the wall or on the floor, portable carts to store in the shed and resin boxes that sit in the garden and keep the hoses completely hidden. Most hose reels require some manual elbow grease and there are also more expensive retractable hose reels. The features you’ll find are specific to the brand and style of hose reel you’re buying. For example, wall mounting options may have wire baskets for holding gloves and garden tools, hose guides, and castors.

It requires you to manually wind the hose and remove the entire hose every time you use it. The type of hose reel “wind-up” works like a fish reel; release the hose and retract it if necessary. It can have a manual crank, or it’s spring loaded and automatically releases the hose and picks it up.

A beautiful garden hose reel does not have to postpone it financially. The liberty garden 234 is a carefully crafted reel, with a decorative touch that is also functional and durable. It can hold 125 feet of garden hose and hide it behind its attractive bronze star design.

This closed reel box is approximately 23.75 inches long, 26 inches wide and 21 inches high and is suitable for hoses with a standard width of up to 225 feet long. The rotating base makes manoeuvring easy: when you turn the lever, your hose effortlessly ends up in an orderly configuration. This product has a durable steel construction and is powder coated to make it completely weatherproof. Customers who have been using this brand and style of hose reel for years suggested riding the higher reel and using larger loops to hang longer hoses.

Installing a bracket on the side of your home will keep the garden hose off the ground, keeping it within easy reach without you having to bend or bend to use the hose. The standard intake hose that comes pre-packaged with all ELEY garden hose reels is 6-1/2 feet long and 5/8 inches in inner diameter. Made in the United States, it is exactly the same polyurethane hose that we sell in lengths up to 200 feet. The ELEY polyurethane hose is sturdy as nails and is backed by a 10-YEAR leak-proof warranty. Once assembled, about one foot of the hose is used in the hose reel, giving you about 5 feet to reach your crane.

The weight of the hose reel shows how durable this product is. Before considering any of these garden hose reels, you need to know how slanghouder long your hose is. If you don’t take the time to see how long your hose will last, you can buy a hose reel that isn’t big enough.

The heavy caliber reel has a capacity of up to 125 feet 5/8 inches in diameter. The beautiful storage shelf carefully keeps sprinklers, gloves and other garden tools at hand. If you have a long hose, the Ames Estate Hose Wagon might be the best hose reel for you. It has four wheels so you can easily move it around with you while watering your garden. The wheels are made of rubber, which makes them easy to move compared to plastic or metal wheels.