Oktoberfest: Frequently Asked Questions About Wiesnbesucher The Official Website Of The Oktoberfest In Munich

If you have a large group of friends and don’t want to wait to sit, reserve a table! To reserve a table you have to eat and drink up to a certain amount (300 €). Keep in mind that you sit and drink all day when you get there. Oktoberfest is the largest folk festival in the world, held every year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. The first Oktoberfest was a celebration of the wedding of Bavarian Crown Prince Louis and Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810.

Also, expect to try the traditional sausages and seemingly endless dessert options available at Oktoberfest. Read more about the foods you should try at Oktoberfest on our blog. Wish list event packages include at least 1 beer tent reservation per person. Depending on the weekend hotel oktoberfest you are in Munich, you may end up in a large tent (capacity 5,000+) or a medium tent (with a capacity of less than 1,000-5,000). Weekdays are much less crowded compared to Saturday and weekend evenings. Usually two people can find their way in a tent and find a chair for a beer.

One of the largest tents of Oktoberfest with a capacity of 8,000 seats, this is where the party begins and remains. This quaint hotel is close to the fairgrounds and is a great stay when you’re planning to head to Oktoberfest. Germany’s biggest festival attracts beer lovers from all over the world to come together and celebrate together. What better way to celebrate with a pitcher that tourism returns to its heyday than with a pitcher? This article will take you to everything you need to know to be part of this celebration of German culture.

START VS. END – Two specific times to consider attending Oktoberfest are the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony. Both are spectacular in their own way and equally difficult to enter. 10 for a 1 liter beer and 10 € for half a chicken.

They differ slightly in taste and alcohol content, but we think it’s best to try them all. Just remember the word for greetings (Prost!) so you don’t look like a fool when your neighbor wants to cheer you up. If you want to raise your level a little, you can join in singing the crowd of Oans, zwoa, gsuffa! Check out the full list of Oktoberfest dates and important days to attend the festival here. We are travel experts, certified wine experts and food specialists who have been to more than 72 countries. Our favorite shop was Lowenbrau during the day, as by noon it was pretty well stocked and getting slightly noisy, so we could feel what it was like in the evening.

Let’s set a few things straight: don’t refer to your leather pants and dirndls as “costumes” because it’s real traditional clothing called trying. Also, weather permitting, there are a variety of beer gardens outside the tents, where it’s usually easier to get seats. The downside is that you don’t hear the band, but it’s a good option. Similarly, there are also pleasant beer gardens in the city to explore.

The horse race eventually died out and the festival continued as a beer drinking festival. Because celebrating and drinking beer is so much fun, the festivities were repeated annually. Gradually, carnival attractions and a parade were added and here, for more than 200 years, we are still celebrating the happy couple.

Munich city officials took over management the following year and added more activities to the festival. That’s why some parts of the United States celebrate this German tradition. Thus, the city of Cincinnati in Ohio began in 1976 with the Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. Today, it is one of the largest Oktoberfests in the United States. Keep in mind that many people will wear traditional clothing.