140 Ideas For Housing Construction

These original household ideas range from swimming pools and aquariums to cleverly hidden storage areas, multifunctional furniture and … You may recognize something you’ve always wanted to see, or maybe the images let your juices flow and inspire you to think or even build something new. Interior design ideas are endless as long as they can be performed in real […]

12 Best Construction Sites To Inspire Your Recruitment Company

With CompanyCam you can annotate your photos with drawings, arrows, comments, tags and voice notes, and you can take project diagrams, photo galleries, reports and transformation photos. Use CompanyCam to stay organized and quickly share updates with your team, customers, insurance adjusters and others. ArchiSnapper is a user-friendly field report and beat-up application that saves architects, contractors, engineers, real estate […]

The 7 Biggest Frustrations Of Material Management On A Construction Site

We all had bad experiences or we know someone who has had bad experiences building his house or the DIY project. If construction sites contain dangerous substances, the company must comply with state and state regulations for their disposal or face high fines. Fortunately, a professional waste disposal company is very familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of these requirements […]

How Procore Helps Solve The Shortage Of Construction Work

Supply chain disruptions have caused material shortages and higher prices for essential components such as wood. But perhaps the biggest limitation of all is the current labor shortage affecting much of the US economy. With a slightly longer vision, many leaders in construction and commercial real estate want to see immigration reforms that allow workers to feel safe about their […]