10 Two And Don’t Start A New Relationship

In itself, love is never enough to maintain a relationship. Likewise, although the “date history” conversation will ultimately be important, don’t do it too soon. Spend the first dates learning about your partner’s taste, dislikes, dreams and personality traits as you meet yours. There is no need to explain what went wrong in their last relationship on the first date […]

Neurologists Warn Of The Relationship Between Chiropractic, Stroke

While chiropractic care may be related to vertebral artery dissection, he says, a person may have had a dissection before seeing a chiropractor for pain. However, he adds that treating a chiropractor can exacerbate dissection. Recently, our legal team successfully negotiated a confidential agreement for a patient who has contracted a traumatic hernia with a serious spinal cord invasion after […]

How To Overcome Your Trust Problems In A Relationship

While you may not want to reveal all the details of how you were injured in previous situations as a result of a breach of trust, communication is always key to laying a healthy foundation in a new relationship. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with trust issues, because you want your new partner to be aware […]