World Tig Day

In fact, only about 7% of the original tiger habitats are intact. Experts also fear that a lack of genetic diversity among tigers can lead to inbreeding in small populations. The increasing loss of habitats increases the conflicts between tigers and humans. Tigers can roam the human population, worrying people and these majestic cats. The tiger is known as the […]

10 Unusual And Unique Birds In The World

In 1996, only 15 individual shrikes remained wild on the island, while another 10 lived in captivity. With improvements in native habitat and the release of more than 300 captive-born birds, the wild population is recovering. At a 2006 census, 40 wild breeding pairs were found that hatched more than 160 chicks. Historically, these giant birds inhabited several western states […]

Pregnant At Disney World

If you are a new parent or a future mother, good health insurance is more important than ever. You depend on your health insurance, from prenatal and maternity care to pediatric visits and immunizations for your baby. To avoid surprising medical bills, it is important to now know the conditions of your health insurance. You should also take steps to […]