The Advantages Of Wood As A Building Material

And each product undergoes physical and mechanical testing for unparalleled safety. Here at Nature’s Little Ones, you know we believe sustainability can go hand in hand with aesthetics. Baby wooden toys are much more aesthetic than plastic toys!

However, you want your children to put things in their mouth that are safe. It means no danger of drowning and not risking your health. This study analyzed the intake of chemicals by children in wooden objects. Wooden preservatives, such as chlorophenols and lindane, are used to protect wood from insects and fungi and to extend the life of the wooden toys. Because wood is very porous, these chemicals end up not only in the toys, but also in toys. Therefore, do not buy your wooden toys directly from China, but buy from a respectable brand in the EU or the US.

The MORI wooden grab toy is ideal for recording in playtime, developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The toys are made from FSC Beechwood and FSC MDF, which is durable and safe to chew. They are not only concerned with non-organic toxins in toys and everyday objects, but also with their harmful effects on the environment. Landfills and oceans are clogged with non-biodegradable plastics that damage living organisms, contributing to already urgent environmental problems. Wood, on the other hand, is a sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable material.

Now I’m not saying that all the wooden toys are safe, so you should do your due diligence and be aware of low-grade chemically treated wood. Some wooden toys are made of plywood filled with poisonous adhesives and formaldehyde. While children learn to manipulate toys, they strengthen their hand muscles to improve fine motor skills. This allows them to develop a good grip, which can help develop prescribing skills. Younger children can develop motor skills with larger wooden blocks, while older children can practice threads and complete puzzles.

Wood, on the other hand, is a natural material that is safe for babies and some types of wood even appear to contain antibacterial properties! Wooden toys are also durable and break much less often than plastic toys, and it is usually easier to repair if accidents happen. When plastic toys break, they often leave a sharp, serrated wood card holders edge that is dangerous for babies and children. I’m sure you already know that, but when kids play with toys, they don’t just keep themselves busy; they also learn seriously. Many studies have shown that unstructured playing time (p. E.g. Simple and open wooden toys, for example) are valuable and prefer structured play.

My 1st Years is all about giving away unique memories that can be held forever instead of cheap, short-lived toys that will eventually end up in the trash. That is why we love our collection of wooden toys that really last a lifetime. Best of all, once they grow out of the toy, they can eventually pass it on to their siblings or even their own children. From train games to a wooden kitchen, you will certainly find a timeless gift that you will appreciate in the coming years. We can also say that wooden toys have a pleasant weight with natural textures. This allows the child to be a sensory student and creates a very pleasant and tactile experience.

This weight can be especially beneficial for children with developmental delays or those with sensory disturbances, because heavier toys will help them feel their movements as they work to develop their skills. The tactile element of wooden toys also means that children have to think more and exercise more energy while playing and learning. For example, the wheels of a wooden toy car cannot move as smoothly as in a plastic or metal car, so that children have to exert more power to move it. Wooden toys offer a lot of play value because it generates young imagination, giving children the opportunity to come up with new ways to play with them. Plastic toys can offer more in terms of functions, such as flashing lights and attractive sounds, but simple wooden toys put the child in charge and help him improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, while having fun.

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