The Best Television Shows Of All Time

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It was eventually canceled by Fox, but NBC picked it up for several more seasons. The same team behind the restart “Star Trek”, J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci of 2009 launched this Fox program for a Boston-based FBI team that explored mysteries related to the existence of parallel universes. While not taking advantage of Abram’s zeitgeist’s previous hit, “Lost,” the show received positive reviews that improved with each subsequent season. Fox’s animated show “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening follows the adventures of an interplanetary delivery team and parodies movies and television shows from all over science fiction along the way. Although he never reached the popularity level of “The Simpsons”, the show received almost universal acclaim, with 14 Emmy nominations and six career wins.

Seinfeld creator Larry David plays a fictional version of himself in this highly improvised and award-winning HBO comedy. David’s on-screen personality has a talent for generating uncomfortable, uncomfortable and hilarious situations that have delighted both audiences and critics. Outside the screen, David has explained himself to the character several times, sometimes with long breaks between the seasons, so it took him 17 years to make it to the show’s first nine seasons. America’s oldest animated show, originally adapted from a series of short films that alternated between the sketches of “The Tracey Ullman Show” in the late 1980s. The series has come a long way since then, generating toys, comics, albums, video games, a feature film and even its own amusement park ride at Universal Studios. At the peak of their success, the show’s leading cast members earned $ 400,000 per episode, although they have since agreed to several salary cuts to keep the program financially viable for Fox.

With a total of 112 Emmy nominations, “The Sopranos” took home 21 awards. The iconic series “The Twilight Zone”, praised by Rod Serling, addressed issues such as prejudice, war, government and morality. By combining fantasy, excitement and science fiction, many of the themes and lessons resonate from memorable stories today. While the original black white series, led by Serling, ran from 1959 to Nickie Davis 1964, the first reboot came in 1985, followed by other revivals and a film version produced by Steven Spielberg in 1983. The show claimed three of the eight Emmy Awards for which he was nominated. Based on the successful BBC show Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the American version played Steve Carell as the well-meaning but painfully uncomfortable boss of the paper company Dunder-Mifflin.

Other entries include the true crime gang story Donnie Brasco, starring Al Pacino as the gangster, and LA Confidential, which features a 1940s film noir story starring Russell Crowe. “The Mandalorian” has brought home 14 Emmy Awards so far, including the exceptional production design for a narrative program (half an hour) in 2020. The series was a phenomenon of pop culture and generated two feature films and two seasons for a Renaissance. The cult classic also garnered 61 Emmy nominations and won 15 trophies. This silly police show plays former “SNL” cast member Andy Samberg as a youthful and irreverent detective forced to get in shape when a new commander takes over his compound. In addition, the show received 11 Emmy nominations, bringing two home.