Things To Do In Torremolinos

Then it is very convenient to take a short walk to see the icon of Torremolinos before visiting the other places. Playa La Carihuela street is a famous pedestrian street with several shops and beautiful scenery. It belongs to Vakantie Carihuela the Pueblo de la Carihuela and is located between Benalmádena and Torremolinos. You can walk from Torremolinos to the marina to see stunning sea views or swim. There are many restaurants, bars and shops along the street.

If you like hiking, you will be happy to know that you can walk from Torremolinos to Benalmádena. Not only is it a beautiful promenade where you can see the beach at all times, but you can also stop at a café or restaurant for some food or drinks. If you fancy an authentic experience, eating in a beach bar is a must in Torremolinos and the Costa del Sol. These beach restaurants mainly offer fish and seafood dishes such as sardine skewers and fried fish. Beaches and lively bars top the list for many visitors to the centre of Torremolinos.

If you choose their service, you can feel completely safe during the trip. They support high-quality equipment, very understandable instructions and useful trainers. You can start diving with the highest safety as you navigate the beautiful marine life in the area, such as octopuses, slugs, dolphins and more.

What used to be a poor fishing village is now visited by millions of tourists because of its atmosphere and beaches. Calle San Miguel is a straight street with shops and restaurants overlooking the beach. This is a great place to walk around and experience Spanish culture and the Mediterranean coast.

Try the handmade jam at a stop on a forgotten road, or let the hustle and bustle of modern life sweep you away as you get lost in the organized chaos of a modern metropolis. Explore the city centre in search of museums and boutiques… A delicious five-course dinner in the restaurant you’ve heard of? Or maybe you’d rather read the newspaper while sipping hot coffee in one of the cafes scattered around the city.

On the south coast of Spain, near Africa, lies Torremolinos. Originally a small fishing village, in the 1950s it began to become a popular holiday getaway because of its sandy beaches and beautiful blue waters. The official language of Spain is Spanish, but English is also widely spoken in this area due to the many British sun worshippers that flood the Costa del Sol.

Looking for fun activities and touristy things to do during your next holiday in La Carihuela? Our selection of articles from local experts shows you the best things to see, places to visit, helpful travel tips and La Carihuela attractions for all budgets and ages. Travel time between Málaga and CARIHUELA BEACH, Torremolinos is about 36 minutes and covers a distance of about 15 miles. Typically, there are 357 services running weekly, although weekend and holiday schedules can vary, so look ahead.