5 Good Oral Hygiene Practices You Should Do More Often

Dr. Waldman of New York Special Surgery Hospital regularly receives spinal fusion patients who experience constant pain after multiple surgeries. However, few patients who have undergone spinal surgery seem to have an idea of such unfavorable statistics, and even in the surgeon’s profession there is a curious gap between rhetoric and reality.

Last December, the journal Spine published the results of an award-winning study from Scandinavia that compared patients who had undergone fusion surgery for chronic lower back pain with those who had not undergone surgery. In this randomized controlled trial, only one in six patients in the surgical group was rated “excellent” by an independent observer after two years. The fact that this study is seen as strengthening its legitimacy in the profession demonstrates the weakness of empirical support for fusion surgery.

I didn’t like the possibilities, so I started looking for alternatives unrelated to surgery, needles and painkillers. Skip the knife and find out how I’ve returned to an active, painless life through focused exercise, diet and other lifestyle changes.

My name is John Booker, I am 71 years old, I have five children, two grandchildren and three adopted children. I’ve been suffering from back pain and sciatica for ten years since I was diagnosed with stenosis. I experienced a full range of “healings,” including epidural injections, decompression therapy and exercise. Several times out of desperation I thought about back surgery.

I started looking for alternatives and found that in most cases, doctors only treat symptoms, not the root cause. Symptoms will always come back. I found solutions that eliminate the causes, and started trying them out. At first I was skeptical; Today I am a new person both physically and emotionally.

Drinking milk

Milk contains calcium. Calcium is part of the mineral that makes up the shell of the tooth. This coating, called enamel, is constantly destroyed by friction between the teeth while chewing, talking and other actions. In addition, bacteria in the mouth produce lactic acid through anaerobic breathing. Drinking milk provides calcium for the process of remineralization of teeth. This supports the strength of the enamel by constantly repelling the layer of solid tissue covering the crown. It is best to drink at least one glass of milk a day.

  1. Cleaning the tongue

Conventional teeth brushing methods are usually tooth-oriented. This means that there is a tendency to ignore language that is bad for oral hygiene. The tongue has a large area that can be covered with food particles and therefore bacteria. It is best to use a tongue scraper to thoroughly clear the tongue. The new toothbrushes are equipped with built-in tongue scrapers.


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