Inexpensive Accommodations In New York

New York can be stressful for tourists on a tight budget. Even a cheap tour of the city can be a little expensive, so this category of tourists can enjoy cheap housing in New York. Rest assured, the Big Apple also has a big heart. It has everything for any class of tourists.

Below are some low-cost accommodation options in New York City available for thrifty tourists.

Chelsea Savoy Hotel: Located in Chelsea, close to the metro. It offers restaurants and nightclubs. The four-bed room is the main attraction of this hotel. It can accommodate four people and costs from $145 to $225 per night. The price range is available for different rooms with different amenities. In addition to the four-bed room, each room has a cable TV, goosebump cushions and an adjoining bathtub. The price includes a continental breakfast, which is served from 7:30 a.m.

Colonial House Inn: This hotel is also located in Chelsea. It has economy-class rooms as well as standard rooms on one side and suites on the other. The Deluxe rooms have their own bathroom, cable TV and sinks. The rest of the room has shared bathrooms. Rates range from $80 a week to $140 on weekends.

Cosmopolitan Hotel: The hotel is conveniently located (in Tribeca) opposite the metro connecting the tourist destinations of the city. The rooms have their own bathroom and cable TV. Some rooms have two double beds, which can sleep a total of four people for $159 per night.

Gershwin: The hotel is located on Murray Hill. The rooms are clean. There is also a hostel. In addition, it also offers apartments for families. Prices from $99 and up. Metro is located next to the hotel.

Larchmont Hotel: Located in the West Village. The rooms have a shared bathroom and kitchenette. Each floor has a kitchenette. Each room also has TVs, robes, sinks, telephones and a continental breakfast. Prices range from $70 to $125.

Le Marcel: The hotel is located in the Flatiron area, close to Gramercy Park. Room service, CD players, goosebump pillows and a New York breakfast with bagels are just some of the amenities offered in small but stylish rooms. The hotel’s lobby also offers cappuccino accessories 24 hours a day. There is a subway next to the hotel. Another advantage of the rooms is that they have their own bathroom. Room costs from $125.

The Milburn: The hotel is located in the safe family area of the Upper West Side. The rooms have a kitchenette. So you save on nutrition. Children (accompanying parents) live in rooms for free. The bedrooms are large and can hold up to four people. Room rates range from $129 to $245.

You can save by finding cheap housing in New York City. Then the money can be used for the best purposes!