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There are many factors to consider when choosing a private tutor. However, sometimes it’s all about trying different teachers and seeing which one is best for you. Describes the characteristics you should pay attention to and the next steps you need to take to make sure you’ve chosen the right option.

Choose a tutor – a man or a woman?

When choosing a guardian for your child, keep in mind that the best motives of you and your guardian may have an immediate and unfounded dislike for new adults in the home. Your child can do better with male teachers than with female teachers, or vice versa. Ask your child who he prefers because he will feel involved and it will be his decision to choose a guardian rather than impose on him. It can be very difficult to judge how someone will interact with your child without making much effort. We recommend our clients try our tutors, if it is not training with children, usually there is another tutor who can take over his work. There is a fine line between persevering with a carer who doesn’t get along with your child, and giving up too early before the guardian can make a “breakthrough.” We all know how stubborn children can be!

Experience and qualifications

Depending on the level of private tutoring you are looking for, you will certainly have different requirements for experience and qualifications. Checking your qualifications is the only way to make sure your tutor knows what he’s talking about. As for elementary school, all you have to do is find someone with a teacher’s degree or a student (bachelor’) who has a good relationship with the kids. Word of mouth can usually tell if they get along with children. Our tutoring service has online reviews for all our tutors, so look for something similar if you go through the agency. The higher the level of tutoring, the higher will be the qualification requirements. If you are studying, you are probably looking for a graduate student teacher who specializes in your field. Checking the qualifications of your tutor can be challenging, so we encourage you to contact an agency whose reputation depends on providing quality tutoring services and which has checked such things for you.

Experience is more important with young people because experienced educators have found ways to keep your attention and secretly discipline your child! A friend of mine rewards his children with cookies, which makes them very caring and willing to listen! As with everything, you can expect to get what you pay for. Experienced private tutors usually charge extra for their services. In fact, there is no substitute for an experienced, qualified and reliable tutor.


Try to choose a private tutor who lives close enough to you. Traffic delays, especially if you live in a built-up area, can upset both sides. The closer the tutor to you, the easier it will be on time. Make sure your tutor’s availability does not conflict with other pre-set activities. Children’s calendars these days are so crowded that it is easy to confuse the time of booking. Also, try to choose a time when your child will have enough leeway on both sides. The last thing your child wants to do is come from school and go straight to home tutoring class! Also should not be too late at night, as fatigue has a big impact on the level of concentration.

Reputation / rumour

The most convincing motivation for choosing a private tutor is a positive recommendation. If you can find a mentor who has good reviews from others, especially from your own social group, then you are on your way to winning! If you know someone who uses tutoring, ask them if you can come and see the class. It may be inconvenient for the tutor, so first consult with him. First-hand experience is the best way to choose the right tutor for you.

How do I know if I’ve chosen the right person?

If you choose a tutor for your child, join the class if possible. If it distracts your child, talk to them and ask them to discuss what they were dealing with. Strengthening what they have learned is a proven method of improving memory skills. Showing interest in what your child is learning can lead them to more interest in the topic itself.

Private lessons in the UK are growing rapidly at all levels. From elementary school students who need to take exams aged 11 and older, to high school students and sixth-graders who require additional help or promotion when they go to college, parents who want to give their children an advantage are increasingly turning to private lessons.

When should you hire a private tutor?
Despite this, there is a serious, if not decisive, question that is almost always overlooked: when should you hire a tutor? Surprisingly, this issue is not given the attention it deserves, because, as with any other aspect of good education, the decision to hired a tutor should be the result of long-term reflection and careful consideration.

In some ways, the question of when to hire a mentor is similar to the difference between putting out fires and preventing fires. Regardless of the quality of the emergency services, fire protection is the preferred option. Similarly, while a good tutor can make a difference in any circumstances, looking for private lessons when a problem has already arisen or when the deadline is approaching, it is not as good as contacting a tutor long before a bottleneck begins.

Hiring a private tutor to a critical point can completely prevent this
There are two very simple reasons for this. First, effective learning takes time. Secondly, education is most effective when it develops organically on the basis of supportive learning relationships. Of course, a good tutoring situation creates a basis for this type of relationship, but relationships can develop only when time is of the essence.

If academic difficulties, personal or academic, are a factor, long-term thinking is especially important because self-confidence and self-esteem balance results. When the difficult situation is prolonged, the consequences for the student’s academic performance and psyche can be very serious, which subsequently significantly complicates the process of improvement.

With the luxury of time, a good tutor has the ability to use a variety of resources and approaches to adapt his training to the needs and personality of the student. This makes learning much more productive and learning more fun, which, of course, is the magic formula for academic success.

When considering private lessons, it is important to plan as much as possible
For all these reasons, parents should look as long as possible, considering individual lessons. A few weeks – or even a few months – before exams will not interfere with a hopeless situation. But the results of a few weeks or months will certainly be worse than the results of a well-structured training program, which over time is honed and refined, allowing the student to prepare fully and confidently.

Families considering individual lessons should consider organizing them for at least a year, ideally, if possible, more. It should start long before the exams go underground, or, in case of difficulties at school, after the problem situation is clearly defined. Waiting every day means sacrificing potential productivity, a sense of well-being or, worst of all, both. At the risk of sounding like a public service announcement when it comes to private lessons, action is far more effective than response, and prevention is much more effective than cure.

Face-to-face individual lessons
Although “the more time the better” is a key principle of private education, the question of time is certainly related to the academic situation. Auxiliary situations vary as widely as family situations, and some are particularly well-suited for full-time learning.

Full-time study with a competent and highly qualified private tutor is either a substitute or an important addition to schooling and is monitored at home for a long period, usually at least a year.

Specific examples of face-to-face individual lessons
Consider the following real-life examples from around the world, where private face-to-face learning lessons were of course the most appropriate option.

The family spent a year of their normal life on a round-the-world trip on their private yacht. They needed two teachers to accompany them on the journey so that their children could continue their studies to meet the standards that allow them to attend the best private schools in London.

A child from a Middle Eastern family had a teenage son with serious learning difficulties. They needed a highly qualified, experienced and fully qualified teacher to cope with their son’s specific problems.

The famous Hollywood actor needed a home school for his children. For the family was important not only the issue of confidentiality, but also the need to travel between film sets and different families within the family, which made international education unattainable.

The student has trained seriously in athletics with a chance to win the Olympic Games. It took a mentor to teach him how to do intervals between workouts, which in a normal school simply could not be.

These examples may seem unusual, but circumstances should not be unusual in order for a day-to-day form of learning to be of great importance. Despite the fact that it is still a relatively unknown option of education, the popularity of full-time education continues to grow all over the world. For families who can afford it, the opportunity that a day’s education can offer their children to learn and succeed is truly unique in life, as a good tutor also becomes a friend, mentor and teacher around the world. both a long-term and a reliable teacher. The family had absolutely no reason to rule out that option before considering the educational opportunities it could offer.

Competitive advantage that private lessons can offer
Going to school and university is not easy, and while many parents hate the competitive and stressful situations they find themselves in and their children find themselves in, they cannot deny that old goals have changed when it comes to high-level education. . Today, these opportunities need to be created, not just sought. It is therefore not surprising that the increase that private lessons can give is a reasonable and very attractive choice in the present circumstances.

As standards and competition increase every year, students who have really learned will have more chances to enter the best schools and universities, rather than those who just remembered it in a hurry. The best thing is that they will make this photo with the highest degree of confidence and the lowest level of stress for both themselves and their family.

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