Shopify SMS Software and Shopify Apps

Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform and is widely used to manage online stores. With the growing use of mobile devices to browse the internet, Shopify has developed mobile-friendly web applications which can be efficiently used by end-users to manage their online stores. The most important advantage of using a web-based platform for online business is that there are numerous marketing apps that can be easily installed on mobile without requiring the PC or laptop to be connected to the internet. Shopify SMS Marketing is one such popular app. Shopify SMS Marketing is an SMS marketing app that helps store owners with the management of their customers, inventory as well as sales reports.

Mobile communication is growing at a rapid pace and over the last few years, SMS marketing has gained enormous popularity. Many marketers are now shifting focus towards SMS marketing as this platform offers a wide range of benefits including cost-effectiveness and reaching a large number of people at once. SMS marketing is also extremely popular with the end-users because they can send information anywhere they have a mobile connection like the go. There is no need to buy airtime or waste money on media advertisements to broadcast the message. Shopify SMS gateway enables you to efficiently send messages to the customer base as per their requirements and budget.

When you integrate the Shopify SMS marketing gateway with your eCommerce website, your online store will experience an increased amount of traffic. Customers browsing through your site will send their queries or problems to one-on-one conversations with a professional representative of Shopify. The messages might be in the form of an e-mail, phone call, or live chat. When the representative receives the messages from the customer, they will first send back a one-line e-mail message. The customer will receive a one-line reply from the representative and can then proceed to ask more questions or give feedback regarding the product or services.

The second part is when the message is being sent back to the customer. This can either be an automated e-mail or a live chat. With Shopify SMS, the messages are converted into a text format before being sent to the user’s cell phone. Since the SMS text is plain text, it can be read by any of the mobile phones that accept SMS. This helps in building a better relationship with the clients which results in higher conversions and recurring sales.

Through Shopify’s newest feature called “manychat”, marketers can easily monitor the conversations going on between their customer and their representative. Manychat has a facility where each message can be labeled so that the users can filter out the messages that need attention. You can receive updates about how many messages are being exchanged via text message and also get alerts when there is a chance of face-to-face interaction between the customer and the marketer. With this tool, one can get the best results in a faster time. Manychat is a great way for you to know how many messages are exchanged which can be very helpful for your online marketing campaigns.

Shopify SMS has the capability of sending different promotional messages to the customers regarding any given store. Whether you have a physical location or an online store, you can use Shopify to send your promotional messages through Shopify apps and also to your customer through SMS and email. Shopify’s Merchant account can also ship to multiple destinations making it the best choice to ship your products and promote your small business.

Shopify Mobile Apps store – The Shopify Mobile Apps store makes it easy to manage the entire process of your mobile promotions. The store has a range of apps that are fully integrated with the Shopify SMS service and can be easily integrated with your other marketing channels. The store includes a complete list of all the products that are offered by Shopify and they can be easily selected and added to your promotional campaign. This saves your time and money and ensures that the right promotional items reach your customer at the right time. It has a variety of apps such as loyalty rewards, offers for sale, and many more.