» Why Doctors Use Green Or Blue Clothes During The Surgery?

According to a report published in Today’s Surgical Nurse in 1998, at the time of surgery, doctors started wearing green clothes because green color gives comfort to the eyes. During surgery, the eyes have to be kept open, due to which Pharmaceutical Garments managed service the eyes get tired, if the green color is seen immediately, then the eyes get cold. There is a very old story behind the doctors wearing white coats. At that time, white coats were worn only by scientists and people working in the lab.

So while doctors walk down the street today in a rainbow of long patterned and colored scrubs, green maybe the doctor’s best choice. Our impression is that Chinese medical students are all wearing white coats, and the little sister of the nurse is also wearing a white coat. But when doing the operation, the doctor is wearing green clothes. When doing the operation, wearing green can relieve the visual fatigue, and will not make the doctor feel particularly tired. Normally from the doctor to the hospital all the staff were wearing white clothes. But in 1914, an influential doctor changed the tradition of white clothes into green clothes.

Looking at something green at times can keep one’s eyes more sensitive to red variations, says John Werner, a psychologist who studies vision at the University of California, Davis. Then in the early twentieth century, one influential doctor switched to green because he thought it would be easier on a surgeon’s eyes, according to an article in a 1998 issue of Today’s Surgical Nurse. Then in the early 20th century, one influential doctor switched to green because he thought it would be easier on a surgeon’s eyes, according to an article in a 1998 issue of Today’s Surgical Nurse. This results in effects exactly like what happens after a camera light flashes on our eyes. The same thing also happens in the operation theater when doctors see their colleagues in white coat during the surgical process.

These frontlines workers were engaged in the treatment of people day and night. In such a situation, when you see the photos of doctors on social media, they are either seen in white coats or green coat. But when they go for the operation, they wear a long green cloth.

Looking back on the pretty extensive history of hospital scrubs; fast forwarding to the 1940’s, aseptic technique was routinely employed in operating suites to stop infections and pathogens from spreading. Around the same time, operating theatre staff began wearing heavy rubber gloves to protect their hands from the solutions used to clean the room and equipment, a practice surgeons grudgingly adopted. It is said that earlier all the staff from the doctors to the hospital were dressed in white, but in the year 1914, an influential doctor changed this traditional dress to green.

Therefore, the surgical gowns, scrubs and linens are mostly green or sometimes blue also. Hopefully you’ve got the answer to the question, why doctors wear green clothes during surgery. If we look at blue or green color can refresh doctors vision from the red things, such as organs and blood of patients during surgery. That’s because the brain interprets colors relative to other colors, if the surgeon looking at something red or pink, it will be familiar with these colors so that vision impaired.

The eyes have to be kept open, due to this prolonged period, the eyes get tired. But if the green colour is seen immediately, then the eyes get cold . In 1914, one influential doctor switched to green scrubs when operating because he thought it would be easier on his eyes. In England, all NHS hospital trusts have stringent clothing policies, and many of these specifically forbid wearing the iconic white coat for medical staff, owing to infection control concerns. This has meant that several hospitals around the UK have opted for scrubs for staff, especially in Accident and Emergency departments. In many operating rooms, it is forbidden to wear any exposed clothing, such as a t-shirt, beneath scrubs.

It was not always a doctor used to wear either blue or green for surgery. Scrubs were used to be white, which is also the colour of purity and cleanliness. When white coat got its standard place as a doctor’s uniform, they used it in the surgery time too.