A Guide to Laxatives – Different Types of Laxatives

The laxatives will save your body from constipation. A person can get the effect of the best laxatives in a period of 6 to 24 hours.

The effect of laxatives on a person depends on the product and condition of that person. If you want the fastest possible treatment, you need to take the very best laxatives. There are a lot of laxatives on the market today. Different manufacturers offer different laxatives. There are several brands that are respected in the market. Here are the main categories of laxatives that you will find on the market:

Volume laxatives

The laxative increases the amount of fluid in the stool. This, in turn, will trigger triggers that will cause bowel contraction. For the best laxatives in this category to work effectively, a person must swallow a lot of water.

Lubricative laxatives

Lubricants Slacking are used to apply coating to the surface of the chair. This, in turn, will help the stool easily flow out of the body. The best laxatives from this category will certainly provide proper lubrication of bowel holes that will make your gut less painful.

Chair softeners

They soften the stool by increasing moisture content. The best laxatives in this category include Colace, Phillipps Liqui-Gels and Dulcolax.

Sometimes laxative doesn’t solve the problem. At this time, you will probably need a colon cleanser to effectively cleanse and unlock the intestines. Reviews of bowel cleansing products can help you find the right product for your needs.

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